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Google Product listing ads help online business to sell its products and services with all essential information related to the products. It includes product image, price, offers, features, business name etc. The rightly managed and optimized product listing ad (PLA) gives number of benefits to your business such as:

  • It increases search visibility of your product.
  • It increases conversion rates.
  • The optimized PLA has the power to increase impression and clicks.
  • It improves the overall profitability of your business.

The main reason of getting high conversion rate is the display of image and price of the product that users are looking for. When they search of the desired product, they get the product’s images in their search results. The ad helps users to get precise information and idea of the exact product. When they click on an ad, it takes them directly to the product landing page or its ‘buy’ page.

It is an effective way to grab the attention of the online users to your specific products before they reach to your website. It provides you an opportunity to get the qualified leads with the high possibility of converting them into the potential customers. We help you to get more traffic than your competitors by delivering effective product listing ads services at the competitive prices.

With the help of PLAs, you can expand your online business and gain high popularity among the advertisers and customers. The online marketing experts at JPWebstore very well know the increasing significance of Product listing ads. They have vast experience in creating highly engaging and informative ads that compel visitors to click them and turn into potential buyers.

PLAs are like a boon to the ecommerce websites as they get into connect with the users using the compelling ads. Our team monitors and tracks the CPC, CTR and conversion rates, and creates PLA campaign accordingly. We ensure to promote your products to the right prospects so that you get more sales.

Get better exposure and increase conversions with us.